Landscape Construction Serving Bend, OR – New Landscapes Installed

Once the landscape design and plant material has been chosen, the next step is construction.  The construction process is a critical step and will determine the success of the project.  As an all phase licensed contractor by the Oregon Landscape Contractors Board we are committed to constructing a landscape that will endure and grow with time. Our company is bonded and insured.

During construction, care is taken to preserve the existing landscape to avoid damage. We recycle our wastes, incorporating them into the site whenever possible, so there is less material that goes to the landfill.

Grading and Rock Placement

When the terrain is not suitable for the design, grading must be completed.   Grading is done for storm water run-off, earth berms, ponds, patios and paths.  Proper slopes must be completed for the activity performed in the landscape.

Rocks, boulders and natural outcroppings are valuable additions to the landscape.  Proper placement ensures they are stable and look natural.  Akumal Sands, Inc. takes the time and care to install boulders so they do not look like they have been dumped off the back of a pickup truck.

We are certified by the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute for concrete paver and permeable interlocking concrete pavement installations.  Our paver installations exceed industry established guidelines.  To accomplish this, we do not cut expenses. We install the proper base materials at the correct thickness.  The right paver pattern, compaction, joint filling, and edge restraints are used to eliminate failure of the installation.  Pavers do not fail; it is a poor installation job that causes paver installation to look bad.  Visit for more information.

Paver EntrywayWalls/Walkways

Akumal Sands, Inc. builds retaining walls for grading purposes, flower beds, planter walls, and sidewalk and driveway accents. We have been certified by the National Concrete Masonry Association for installation of retaining walls. What this means is we provide the correct structural elements that retains dirt and prevents lateral movement or overturning of the wall.  The height of the wall, the grading, backfill, geotextiles and geogrids and materials are all important construction issues that need to be addressed for a successful installation.

Installation of a walkway makes your home more inviting, improves safety, gives it a better look and feel and can improve the value of your home. We are able to build walkways in many different places. You may want one going to your home or one that leads to your patio or pond. We use many different types of stones and pavers, and other types of hardscapes to build your walkway. If you are in the Bend area, give Akumal Sands, Inc. a call. We use landscape lighting to lighten your walkways to make it safe to navigate at nighttime.

We use only the best quality products and exceed industry standards for construction. We stand behind our installations and the products we install. Our clients receive a lifetime guarantee on the installation of pavers.

Ponds and Water Features

We will install ponds, water features, pondless water features, small fountains or bubblers to enhance your environment. Water features will help to increase your home value, reduce noise pollution, provide focal points, attract wildlife and filter water runoff. If you have always wanted the beauty of a water feature, then give us a call today.