Akumal Sands Landscaping – Bend Landscaping – Design

Akumal Sands, Inc. will design the perfect setting that is ageless and meets your needs and budget. Our landscape designers’ plans integrate your ideas to fit your lifestyle and Central Oregon’s climate. Aesthetically, this includes accent, contrast, harmony and repetition and unity that ensures the design is attractive year round, visually compatible and has a sense of fit with the surrounding landscape.   Our designs connect developed landscapes with natural/native landscape areas.  Great designs will also protect, create and maintain wildlife habitat to attract birds and beneficial insects.

We begin our design process by completing an onsite analysis, taking measurements, and photos to ensure the design is right for your space. Utilizing water-wise techniques, we create energy-efficient landscape designs using plants that thrive in our environment and conserve water. It will be a place for you, family and friends to enjoy for years.