Akumal Sands, Inc. uses many different types of landscape materials do enhance your Bend, Oregon home. Using a variety of materials, both hardscapes and softscapes, our team of expert landscape designers and landscape installers will transform your yard into something of beauty.  Your new landscape will captivate and improve your mood.   Give us a call today to see our wonderful options.


Hardscapes are the inanimate elements of landscaping.  In other words, hardscapes are the rock, concrete, wood, and metal features.  Retaining walls, patios, decks, steps, walkways, arbors and pergolas are features that are incorporated into the landscape.  Hardscapes can be fun such as a fire pit or barbecue or a necessity such as keeping dirt from eroding or a steep slope that needs terracing.  Paver patios and walkways are much more durable in our harsh Central Oregon winters.


Softscapes are the living plants in your landscape that change and evolve over time.  Softscapes may include grass, annuals, perennials, deciduous and evergreen trees and shrubs.  We know what grows and thrives in the Bend, Oregon climate.  Our expert landscape designers are skilled in creating a beautiful design that incorporates the right softscape that is sustainable, will enhance your home and will not outgrow your space in a few years. 

Hardscape/Softscape Hybrid

At Akumal Sands, we love to design and install landscapes that offer a combination of hardscaping and softscaping to transform your outdoors into a beautiful and elegant space.   We use flowers, shrubs and trees to compliment and soften your hardscapes.  When you pair hardscapes and softscapes together, you get an astounding landscape of your dreams.