Akumal Sands Landscaping – Bend Landscaping – Plant Installation

Whether you are looking for a native setting or a patch of lawn for the dogs and children to enjoy or a large tree for shade, we will find and install it for you. There are a large variety of trees, shrubs and flowers that thrive in Central Oregon and we work closely with local nurseries to buy and install plants that are hardy for our environment.

Our expert landscape technicians will ensure the plants are installed in the correct spot based on their soil, sun, water and wind requirements. Incorrect plant selection, spacing, or installation can cause future maintenance problems.

We begin planting by enhancing the soil structure with organic soil amendments, Mychorrhizae, organic or slow release fertilizers are applied to enhance survival and lessen transplant shock.  After the plants are installed we recommend organic mulch be applied to increase soil water retention and reduce weeds.

Common Types of Plantings:

Trees/ Shrubs/Perennials: Combinations of deciduous and conifers, dwarf or full grown are all possibilities that can be used for foundation plantings, shade, or food. Even in our climate, there are many combinations available that provide color year round.

Privacy: When a 6’ fence is not enough, Akumal Sands will plant large trees and shrubs in strategic areas to screen unsightly views.